Church Renewal Ministry

A Description of Ministry Opportunities

Four Days of Renewal

This is a week of renewal that begins on Sunday morning and ends on Wednesday night. It includes noonday studies, men's breakfast, staff meetings and other needed times of ministry. These days carry a theme that focuses on personal relationships with the Lord, family, and church.

One Day of Renewal

This Sunday is used to accomplish in a concentrated effort a ministry to adults encouraging and teaching them in relationships. The approach is to take four times (perhaps Sunday School, morning worship, the hour prior to the night service, and the evening service itself) and teach couples, adults, men only, or as needs would dictate.

Weekend of Renewal

In a retreat setting with couples or men (as desired), four teaching sessions, two Friday evening and two Saturday morning, would deal with a wide range of relationship skills and principles in marriage and family life.

Staff Retreat for Renewal A time alone and apart with the full church staff where needed principles for relationships and ministry are taught.

Vital Truth Ministry

Board of Directors

Joe Janeway

Bill Willard

Borger, Texas

Bill Pannell

Billy Hardie

Fort Worth, Texas

Bobby Brown

Hershel Walker

Wichita Falls, Texas

Chuck Andrews

Bob Waddle

Norman, Oklahoma

Mark Farquhar

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bob Killion

Springdale, Arkansas


Paul Burleson

About Paul Burleson

Paul was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Saved in his early teens, he began preaching at age 15 and began pastoring at age 17.  For nearly four decades he has pastored churches in Texas and Oklahoma.

Paul and his wife Mary met while in high school and married in 1959.  They have four children and twelve grandchildren.   Paul is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

He has served on the Southern Baptist Convention Foreign Mission Board and is a past president of Texas Alumni of Southwestern Seminary.  Paul and Mary live in Norman, Oklahoma.


Tapes and Videos

Tapes and Videos are available at each of Paul's meetings or by Contacting Us.

Going On In The Race:  Five messages dealing with the Christian life ($25 per set plus $5 shipping and handling)

Words of Warning:  Five messages dealing with the people, purpose, privilege, problem, and power of the local church  ($25 per set plus $5 shipping and handling)

Renewing Our Focus: Five messages dealing with a renewed vision for the fellowship of believers ($25 per set plus $5 shipping and handling)

Whatever Happened to Virtue?:  Five messages dealing with the loss of and need for virtues such as honesty, love, courage, etc. ($25 per set plus $5 shipping and handling)

The Tabernacle:  Four messages on the Tabernacle of Moses and its picture of our walk in Christ ($20 per set plus $5 shipping and handling)



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